Muneeb Aadil
Graduate Student, MPI-INF | UdS | EDA @ CISPA

Broadly Interested in Computational Intelligence. More specifically, I am currently working with Dr. Jilles Vreeken on online causal inference, to enable out-of-distribution generalization in RL agents.

Currently, I am a MSc student at Saarland University, additionally affiliated with MPI-INF through IMPRS-CS program, and with EDA @ CISPA as a Research Assistant. Previously, I did my Bachelors in Computer Science from NUCES, Islamabad. During the tenure, I worked with Dr. Sibt ul Hussain on a couple of Computer Vision problems.

Lastly, I am also an advocate of open-source research. And apart from academia, I like reading books, running/cycling, and travelling.


Room 3.12, Building E1 7, Saarland Informatics Campus

  • Aug 13th, 2020: I will be co-tutoring Elements of Machine Learning (Winter '20) at Saarland University.
  • Aug 13th, 2020: I have joined EDA @ CISPA as a Research Assistant.
  • Feb 11th, 2020: I recently did a course project in ML in Cybersecurity; it's available online here.
  • Oct 12th, 2019: I have joined Max Planck Institute for Informatics (MPI-INF) as a MSc student.
  • Apr 30th, 2019: One paper accepted at IEEE ICIP 2019. Updated ArXiv version is available here.
  • Feb 8th, 2019: Our recent work on Super Resolution is now available online!

Improving Super Resolution Methods via Incremental Residual Learning
Muneeb Aadil, Rafia Rahim, Sibt ul Hussain
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2019

arxiv | code | bibtex

NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Single Image Super Resolution: Methods and Results
Radu Timofte, ..., Sibt ul Hussain, Muneeb Aadil, ..., Lingzhi Fu.
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), 2019

openaccess | bibtex

  Selected Projects

Preventing Clean Label Poisoning via Gaussian Mixture Loss
Machine Learning in CyberSecurity, Winter '19; UdS
(collaboration with Muhammad Yaseen and Maria Sargsyan)


Python Implementation of Structure from Motion
Undergrad Final Year Project, Spring '18; NUCES.


Line Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks
Deep Learning for Perception, Fall '17; NUCES.